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Power steering rack in the group Suspension parts / Power steering rack at  Professional Parts Sweden AB (61439996)

Power steering rack

22 st
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Product information
Important! Make sure to flush/rinse the entire P/S system from defective material and refill with correct P/S liquid when installing new power steering pumps and power steering racks.
This is an SMI steering rack. It can be used to replace ZF steering rack if the following parts are replaced.
Depending on the car different parts are needed.

Petrol engines without turbo:
Pressure hose - 61434300
Return hose - 61434307
Steering shaft - 61431950 (TBA)

Petrol engines with turbo:
Pressure hose - 61434299
Return hose - 61434307
Steering shaft - 61431950 (TBA)

Diesel engines:
Pressure hose - 61438900
Return hose - 61434307
Steering shaft - 61431950 (TBA)
From construction year: 2001
Manufacturer Restriction: SMI
Operating Mode: Hydraulic
Original number: 30741477, 36000014, 36050357, 8603475
To construction year: 2003